21 South 5th St. Reading, PA 19602 - (610) 373-6791

Welcome to the Ugly Oyster Drafthaus

A truly authentic Guinness Irish Pub in Pennsylvania offering all the warmth and familiarity of a neighborhood pub! Enjoy small group intimacy among the private snugs tucked throughout or join others at the bar. Nightly you will very likely happen upon a bit of frolic, friendly conversation, laughter and song, surrounded by comfortable rich wood tones and superbly detailed appointments, you will soon be transported to Ireland.

To create this beautiful atmosphere, the bar and appointments were designed and constructed by highly-skilled craftsmen in Yorkshire England, and shipped here to be reassembled by those same artisans. The warm interior pub section boasts a big, friendly hardwood bar where “everyone knows your name,” and a back dining room with wainscoted walls and artwork from the old country.

Of course, a trip to an Irish pub would not be complete without the sounds of Ireland, and at the Ugly Oyster, the background music is perfect.

History of the Ugly Oyster

The original building housing the Ugly Oyster was founded in the 1700s and is the oldest pub in Berks County. After many years in many different forms, owner Glenn Rigg acquired the bar in 1991. Working in the restaurant business for many years, Glenn had long been interested in creating a bona fide Irish Pub when he learned about the Guinness Irish Pub concept program. To claim authenticity, interested pub owners must take formal classes through the Guinness Brewery and must meet specific guidelines.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2000, the Ugly Oyster Drafthaus opened in its current form to rave reviews and loyal and growing clientele.

After taking these classes at the Guinness Brewery in Ireland, Glenn undertook the massive rework required to create an authentic pub, a redesign so extensive that only a small portion of the backbar remains from the former interior.